SFLC now also providing services to for-profit clients

Posted: 2008-03-26 22:12 [Source]
Tags:  free software

The Software Freedom Law Center, known for providing pro bono legal assistance to Free Software projects, announced the formation of Moglen Ravicher LLC, a law firm also providing services to for-profit clients.

"We are pleased to extend the services of the Software Freedom Law Center to companies that support software freedom," said Eben Moglen, founding director of SFLC.

Moglen Ravicher LLC is fully owned by the Software Freedom Law Center, and all profits will go to support SFLC's operations. Clients of Moglen Ravicher LLC will receive legal counsel from the same attorneys that staff the Software Freedom Law Center.

This not only means that companies are now able to get legal assistance on Free Software matters from the SFLC, but also that the center found a way of helping its own funding.

It also seems as if the first for-profit client is OpenNMS:
An initial client of Moglen Ravicher LLC is OpenNMS, an open source enterprise grade network management platform. OpenNMS has retained the firm for representation regarding violations of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

For more information see the homepage of the SFLC and the news entry announcing this step.